Boyfriend has never taken me on a date

July 29, 2022

Dear Pastor,

I am in a relationship but my boyfriend and I have been together for almost a year. But just a month ago he made it official. However, he hardly has time for me and I am trying to be understanding since he works long hours. There will be times when I don't hear from him for an entire week.

We have sex every now and then but we don't go out on dates. I was having sex with him before he said we were in a relationship but we still have not been on a date. I asked him why he has changed his mind about the relationship and he said he is really not sure. I just want to know if you believe that I am wasting my time.


Dear C.M.,

A man cannot be too busy to see the woman who he loves. So your boyfriend is lying. His job cannot take up all his time that will cause him not to be able to call you or to visit you. How can a man allow an entire week to go by without communicating with the one he loves? He is lying. He probably has another girl with whom he is communicating.

I want you to use your head. Why has this man not invited you out? Is it because he does not want to be seen with you? He has reasons for not inviting you out. Has he ever said anything about your appearance? You are wasting your time with this man. He is not interested in you. Perhaps all he wanted was to get under your skirt and he has succeeded in doing so. Tell him to get lost. Don't waste any more time with him. He is making a fool of you.


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