Ryzin wants youths drawing closer to God

December 02, 2022

Dancehall artiste Ryzin says Jamaican youths need to get in tune with their spirituality and draw closer to God.

"The youths have gone astray, that's why so many of them are dying in the streets. It's so sad to see our young people getting involved in negativity. When I was a boy growing up in Jamaica, I never heard young people talking about wearing guard rings and working obeah. I don't know why the youths of today are getting caught up with these things. They need to stop and find their way back to God," said Ryzin.

The Kingston-born deejay recently released a thought-provoking single titled Lord Of The Rings, in which he lashes out against the practice of obeah and the wearing of guard rings.

"I got a vision recently which inspired me to do this song. In the vision, I heard a voice telling me to tell the youths of Jamaica to shun the devil and turn to Jehovah. The youths are the future and we have to guide and protect them," he said.

The single, which was produced by Ryzin for Roxie Records, was released on November 15.

Ryzin is currently busy in the studios working on new projects.

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