Orange and white for Christmas - Eve Campbell reveals ‘holiday colours’

December 02, 2022
Eve Campbell
Eve Campbell

Whenever Eve Campbell shows up at this newspaper's offices she has a tendency to carry with her the Christmas breeze and a message from God about the colours Jamaicans should wear for the Yuletide season.

"Orange and white are the colours for this year," she revealed on Monday. "The man can wear white pants and the females wear drop waist and V-back and front and square neck blouse with sleeves. The little children can wear white chiffon line with taffeta," Campbell said.

The self-proclaimed queen of the gospel has been 'relaying' the message about the Christmas colours for years. She insists that the combinations are not made up by her, but are given to her by a higher power.

"When this season a come around, God always give me the message of what people should wear. People always want something fresh to wear because they are tired of wearing the same thing, so God gave me the message. God voice is a still voice," she said.

Campbell cannot explain the significance of the 'Christmas colours' and she said that she sometimes receives them long before the Yuletide season begins. She also said that one has to be filled with the Holy Spirit to hear the 'still' voice of her God.

When she visited the offices of THE STAR on Monday, Campbell was decked out in an orange and red plaid skirt suit, which was complemented by a head wrap of almost similar colours. As expected, she then demonstrated that she can hold a few notes and delivered her own version of Jose Feliciano's hit single Feliz Navidad. She also belted out the lyrics to Newborn King, another Christmas anthem. She smiled as she reflected on her childhood Christmas memories.

"It was very peaceful and persons were more kind to one another. Neighbours eat from each other Christmas dinner, it was just nice and blessed. My mother and father use to go and make shopping for the six of us in November and they never get anything for themselves. Mi used to get a dolly baby too," she said.

Campbell said her ideal Christmas gift, though, would be a huge addition to her bank book.

"I am in need of help, mi want money and if you can give me money, mi can buy what mi want. I am in need of help in any area because I travel long distance to preach the gospel and sometimes I have no fare to go. Sometimes I have to walk six miles on foot," she said.

Among her wishes is for a bus to travel and preach the gospel and furniture to accommodate young pupils.

"If anyone want to give furniture, mi would prefer dem give mi the money and mi buy it, because mi keep Sunday school at mi house, so I would buy chairs for them. Mi worthy a it because a over 30 years mi a preach, man," Campbell added.

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