2,000 drivers with 100-plus tickets - Chuck blasts serial offenders demanding amnesty

December 02, 2022

Justice Minister Delroy Chuck has blasted drivers who are demanding an amnesty to pay outstanding traffic tickets, telling them it is a matter for the court, not the Government.

Several taxi operators withdrew their services last month demanding an amnesty similar to the one that was implemented for persons to turn in illegal guns. But Chuck made it clear that there would be no leeway from the Government, based on the amount of outstanding traffic tickets clogging the courts.

"We have over a million tickets that we will be pursuing. You have over 2,000 drivers with over 100 tickets, nearly 500 with 500 tickets, and these are the people that tell you they need time to pay? These are the people repeatedly collecting traffic tickets like confetti," he said.

Speaking at a justices of the peace commissioning in Ocho Rios, St Ann, on Thursday, Chuck declared that the Government will not back down, even as some taxi drivers remain defiant that they need time to pay outstanding tickets.

"This Government will not back down and we're determined that for every single violator there will be consequences," Chuck warned. "This is a matter for the courts; this is not a matter for the prime minister and the minister of justice and the Government."

"If you fail to pay your tickets in 21 days, it is a matter for the court. You want a payment plan, go and talk to the judge," he added.

Chuck said outstanding tickets are being sorted out and will be on the ministry's website. Violators will be caught and taken to court, he warned.

He said based on the system being implemented, persons with outstanding tickets will not be able to renew their licences or register their vehicles.

"We have some drivers, I don't know where them come from. I don't know where them get them licence ... but their days of reckoning are at hand," he said. "We've mapped out every single ticket issued over the last many years; they are all in the courthouse." He said that there is a room full of outstanding tickets in the courthouse in Montego Bay and hundreds of thousands in Kingston.

Chuck called on drivers to obey the road code and respect the rules of the road, and those using the road.

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