Fiancée knocked unconscious after beating

January 26, 2022

A woman was allegedly badly beaten by her fiance last Christmas after she turned up at a shop and saw him sitting on the lap of another female.

The victim, Selena Salmon, according to the medical report read out during yesterday's sitting of the Kingston and St Andrew Parish Court, suffered head injuries and loss of consciousness as a result of the beating. She also sustained cuts and bruises all over the body.

As a result of the encounter, Dean Lloyd, who has since broken off his engagement to Salmon, was charged with assault occasioning actual bodily harm. Claudia Roberts, the woman on whose lap he was sitting at the shop, was slapped with a similar charge.

Salmon was charged with malicious destruction of property.

They all pleaded guilty.

The court heard that on December 25 at 2:25 a.m., Salmon visited the shop operated by Lloyd where she saw him sitting in Roberts' lap. Lloyd allegedly asked Salmon "Gal, weh yuh come in yah fah?"

He allegedly slapped her across the face twice, hit her on the head with a glass bottle and used a piece of board as well as a broomstick to hit her all over her body, and kicked her several times.

Roberts, according to police reports, threw a chair at Salmon.

The injured woman was assisted to hospital by other persons.

Lloyd, however, had a different version of the event. He said that after she turned up at the shop he enquired of her why she was there but she did not respond. He said that he noticed that she had a machete in her waistband and made attempts to disarm her. He said that Salmon began chasing Roberts with the machete and he attempted to intervene.

"She chop offa me and she hit me about two time with the lass and the last one ketch me here so [pointing to his arm] and give me a small cut. A so now me start move to her and tek weh the lass. A nuh nothing bout nuh beat with nuh bokkle or nuh chair or nothing like that," Lloyd claimed.

He maintained that he only slapped her twice and took away the weapon because she was chasing Roberts.

Lloyd also claimed that Salmon poured cooking oil mixed with urine over his clothes. He also claimed that she destroyed two bags of his goat feed.

Lloyd said that he called off the engagement after the encounter and is now in a relationship with Roberts.

The judge ordered that Lloyd pays compensation of $300,000 to Salmon. He paid the first $100,000 yesterday with the remainder to be paid on February 28 when they return for sentencing.

Salmon was ordered to pay him $4,000 for the goat feed that she destroyed.

- T.T.

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