Vaccinated persons giving free pizzas to health workers

September 03, 2021

Some residents of Treasure Beach in St Elizabeth who decided to get vaccinated under a free pizza initiative are giving away their tasty rewards to health workers.

Since the inception of the initiative, David Folb, managing director of Lashings Boutique Hotel and Villas, the entity that launched the offer, told THE WEEKEND STAR that the response has been overwhelmingly positive.

"A lot of people got vaccines and you know what they wanted to do? Nurses were coming down to vaccine a lot of people in Great Bay and a lot of people rang me and said 'Give the nurses our pizzas, we are not going to collect ours'. I say collect yours and I will take the pizzas down to the nurses. I mean all these people are like heroes to me," Folb exclaimed.

The businessman decided to give free pizzas to residents of the community, not as an incentive, but as a way of giving back to the community. Folb said that the community has luckily recorded relatively low coronavirus numbers. So far, more than 100 pizzas have been claimed by residents. Folb told the news team that he is encouraging Jamaicans to care for healthcare workers and to do good deeds for them.

Putting their lives at risk

"My view is this, everyone of these healthcare workers, everyone of these hospital workers, from administration to the people that are cleaning up, the care workers, the people who do the vaccines, are putting their lives at risk on a daily basis. What I would like to see is not that we are going out drinking, but if you are in a bar and you know a doctor or a nurse or a care worker in the hospital, buy him a drink," he said. "Help with their groceries, help them with a supply that they need whether tissue, mask, oxygen or water, gowns. Anything that you got to give, give it to them because these workers are real heroes. It's more dangerous what they are doing than being in the army and are we all taking responsibility for recognising these heroes? And I think these donations show that people, not only in Jamaica but around the world, care what they are doing and they are all heroes."

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