Man in video making remarks against Holness in custody

July 27, 2021

The man seen in a video making expletive-laced remarks against Prime Minister Andrew Holness has been taken into custody.

The police say Shaquille O'Neal Higgins was accosted today by the St Ann Police.

Higgins was reportedly taken into custody as a suspect in relation to a case of larceny, committed on July 24, 2021 against a 45-year-old woman of Moneague, St Ann.

The police say those who have drawn a nexus between him being taken into custody and the production of the viral video are mistaken.

“The constabulary would like to reiterate the fact that all citizens in our democratic society enjoy wide ranging rights and liberties, including freedom of speech. However, those rights and liberties come with responsibilities and implications,” a police spokesperson said in a statement today, noting that investigators were alerted to Higgins' location by his own declarations, which immediately went viral on social media.

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